Digital Durham

Digital Equity Plan
Digital Durham
Durham, NC

Guiding Principle
Bridge the digital divide for all people in the city and county of Durham, NC.

All people who live, work, and socialize in the city and county of Durham, NC have access to digital skills training and technology to support their goals.


I. Expand Broadband access and adoption

  • Make data regarding existing Broadband infrastructure available and accessible
  • Increase the areas that have Broadband connectivity
  • Increase adoption of Broadband through outreach
  • Advocate for policies that will increase Broadband infrastructure, access, and adoption

II. Increase the number of people who have a device that allows them to participate fully online

  • Increase the community’s opportunity for free or low cost devices
  • Expand device ownership in the community
  • Provide support for computer devices

III. Increase digital knowledge and skills among all groups in the community to encourage lifelong learning

  • Develop an adaptive framework for a digital skills and literacy continuum
  • Increase access to digital learning opportunities
  • Provide ongoing support and infrastructure for digital learning

IV. Implement and assess the outcomes of the Digital Equity Plan

  • Implement operational structures for the Plan
  • Develop assessment mechanisms for the Plan
  • Secure funding for implementing the Plan
  • Promote partner collaborations and accomplishments